E-Stim Systems

Did you know E-Stim Systems have been around for quite a while? Since their humble beginnings in a garage back in 2004, they have been dedicated to creating the ultimate in E-Stim technology. E-stim Systems are proud to be a UK manufacturer, producing around 95% of Their products in the UK. Unlike some companies that import from the Far East and merely assemble their products, manufacturing in their own workshops gives them complete control over quality. This allows Them to offer a lifetime guarantee and continually innovate. In fact, they have more industry firsts than anyone else I know. They prioritize durability and effectiveness over flashy packaging and overpriced marketing. Their toys are designed to work and withstand the test of time. They know because they use them themselves. You won’t find their products in every adult chain store, but you will find them in select independent stores around the world, known for their commitment to service, quality, and fun.